If you’re a Luno customer in Malaysia, depositing money using instant transfer with FPX ensures that funds reflect instantly in your MYR wallet. All you need is your existing online banking details.

Here's how

Sign in to your Luno account on the web or mobile app, and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Wallets, and then select your MYR wallet

  2. Select DEPOSIT, and then from the options on the next screen, FPX instant transfer

  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and select NEXT

  4. A pop-up will display with deposit instructions. Select the check-box to acknowledge that you'll make a deposit from a bank account in your own personal name


    Make sure you deposit from a bank account in your own personal name. If the deposit is from an account not in your personal name, Luno will reverse it back to the depositor. An admin fee of up to MYR 5.00 will be charged for every refund and it can take up to 14 business days to process. Also, avoid making deposits from a joint account, as incomplete depositors' names can delay the allocation of your deposit to your MYR wallet

  5. On the deposit via FPX screen, make sure the amount you wish to deposit is correct, and if you’re happy, select Continue to FPX


    Luno charges an admin fee of MYR 0.70 for every instant deposit below MYR 100. There are no fees for deposits of MYR 100 and above

  6. You’ll be redirected to the FPX Online Banking page. Select your bank from the drop-down, and select Proceed


    Don’t close the screen when you’re redirecting to FPX, or your payment will fail

  7. Log in to your online banking

  8. Once you’re logged in, select the bank account that you wish to deposit from. Make sure the seller description is Luno Malaysia Sdn Bhd, and then select Request TAC or PAC Now

  9. Follow the prompts from there to complete your deposit

Mission success! You’ve made an instant deposit using FPX.

Frequently asked questions

Which banks are supported?

All major banks in Malaysia are supported on the FPX platform.

Will I be charged a deposit fee?

Yes. Luno will charge an admin fee of MYR 0.70 for every instant deposit below MYR 100. There are no fees for deposits of MYR 100 and above.

Are there any deposit limits?

Currently, there is an FPX limit of MYR 30,000 per transaction. Besides that, deposit limits apply based on your verification level, and your bank might have a specific deposit limit as well.

What could disrupt the deposit?

Your deposit could fail for these reasons:

  • Insufficient funds

  • Closing the deposit window too quickly before finalising the deposit flow

  • Internet connectivity disruption

  • Possible downtime during general bank system maintenance - usually around midnight daily (this could result in your bank transfer failing or cause a delay in your fund allocation during this time. If your bank transfer fails, please try again after an hour, or make a deposit from another bank)

  • Other unforeseen technical issues


Once the FPX deposit is successful, please select Back to merchant or Continue with transaction to redirect you to Luno's Mission Success page. If there's any interruption during the FPX process, don’t hit the Back button. Instead, start again from within the Luno wallet with a new FPX deposit.