We’ve chosen Genesis as our lending partner for the Luno Savings wallets. We use Genesis’ platform in order to generate a return on your crypto in your Luno Savings wallet.


Learn more about Genesis and their risk disclosures.


While we’ve taken every precaution to choose the right lending partner, there are some risks involved.

You should be aware that any funds transferred into your Savings wallet will be lent to our chosen lending partner, in order for them to generate a return. This is how interest is earned. Your Savings wallet is not a traditional fiat currency bank account, and cryptocurrency accounts are not covered by deposit protection insurance.

Our lending partner collateralises their loans (ie. they take security), and we’re confident in the robustness of their lending platform. Luno does not, however, guarantee the funds held in your Savings wallet, and you accordingly agree to take on the risk of counterparty default by utilising the Savings wallet. Please carefully read the Savings wallet terms, so that you’re fully informed of any risks involved in using the Savings wallet product.