You can now buy cryptocurrency directly for your Luno wallet, without having to first make a deposit! To do this, all you need to have is a bank account with available funds and a bank card with the 3D Secure service activated.

What is Instant Buy with PayU?

With Instant Buy, you can purchase a set amount of cryptocurrency, or specify your own amount – without having to add money to your local currency wallet first. Use your debit or credit card to get cryptocurrency directly into your Luno wallet.

Here's how

  1. From the menu, select the wallet where you’d like to instantly buy crypto

  2. Then, select the Buy option

  3. On the next screen, select the Debit or credit card with PayU option

  4. Enter the amount of crypto you'd like to buy

  5. Confirm the amount and service charge

  6. Enter your Luno app PIN

  7. Next, you'll be navigated to the PayU portal to enter your debit or credit card details

  8. Lastly, if you’ve successfully followed the 3D-secure prompts, your payment will be processed

Mission success! You’ve just instantly bought crypto.

Frequently asked questions

Are there any fees?

Yes. There is a broker’s fee of 3.5% on every Instant Buy transaction.

Are there any limits with using Instant Buy?

Yes, there is a card limit of NGN 2 million per transaction. Further limits may also be dependent on the transactional limit set out by your bank and 3D Secure. In order to instantly buy crypto using the PayU method, you’ll also need to be verified as at least a Level 1 Luno customer. This level of verification has a limit of NGN 200,000.

Which banks are supported?

Any Luno customers in Nigeria with 3D Secure-activated cards (Mastercard and VISA only) can use the PayU method for Instant Buy. Most major banks in Nigeria offer this security measure for their customers, but if you’re unsure, we advise you to check with your bank.

Can I buy more after reaching my limit?

If you've reached your Luno limit, you'll have to upgrade to the next level in order to buy more crypto. You can also continue to use our other available deposit methods, like bank transfers.