Sometimes, when you get in touch with us, we’ll ask you to provide some info, just to make 100% sure that it’s you. 

We take security very seriously, so if we suspect that your Luno account might have been compromised, if you’d like to reset your 2FA (two-factor authentication), or if you’d like to change your personal details (like your phone number) - we’ll ask you to send us a selfie with ID and note.

Your time is really important to us, and we’d like to make this experience as seamless as possible. So to help you along, here are some important guidelines on what a good selfie with ID and note (which we can accept) should look like, and what a not so good selfie with ID and note (which we can’t accept) looks like.

A good selfie with ID and note

A good selfie with ID and note is a very clear, high-resolution photo of yourself holding both of the following in the same photo:

  1. Your identity document,

  2. and a handwritten note including today's date and “For Luno use only”.

To make sure we can accept your selfie with ID the first time around:

  • Your face should be clearly visible.

  • The information on your identity document and handwritten note must be legible.

A not so good selfie with ID and note

If your face, the ID, or the note you’re holding is covered in the photo; or if the photo is blurred, and if you’re holding someone else’s ID, we won’t be able to accept the selfie with ID.