Luno is giving eligible customers a free LunoPass, which entitles you to food and drinks up to the value of EUR 15 at Market 33 on 20 September 2019 (the Event). The following rules (the Rules) apply to your participation in the Event:

  1. The Event: Market33 is a food market located in the business district of Amsterdam. If you meet the qualifying criteria, Luno will give you a LunoPass, which you can use at Market33 on 20 September 2019. 

  2. LunoPass: Your LunoPass entitles you to purchase food and drinks up to the value of EUR 15 from one vendor at Market33 on 20 September 2019 between 08h00 and 21h00. A LunoPass cannot be exchanged for cash or cryptocurrency and a LunoPass is not transferable. Any amount not spent on your LunoPass will be forfeited. 

  3. Qualifying criteria and exclusions: To qualify for a LunoPass, you must (i) have the Luno app installed and a valid Luno account (ii) purchase at least EUR 1 of Bitcoin during the week 16 - 20 September 2019 or at the Event and (iii) be at Market33 on 20 September 2019 to redeem your LunoPass. LunoPasses are limited to one per qualifying customer and are limited to residents of the Netherlands only. You must be 18 years or older and otherwise meet the eligibility criteria set out in section 3 of Luno’s Terms of Use in order to hold a Luno account. You will be excluded from receiving a LunoPass if you use fake or fraudulent details.

  4. How to get your LunoPass: You may collect your LunoPass from the Luno stall at Market33 anytime between 08h00 and 21h00 on 20 September 2019. If you’ve already made your qualifying purchase, give your name to the representative. If you’d like some guidance with making a qualifying purchase, a Luno representative will assist you. 

  5. Bonus promotion code: After the Event, Luno may contact you with a bonus promotional code (the Promotion Code). The Promotion Code entitles you to redeem EUR 20 worth of free Bitcoin when purchasing at least EUR 20 of Bitcoin on the Luno app (the Reward). The Promotion Code is limited to customers who have attended the Event and cannot be redeemed more than once. The Promotion Code expires on 31 October 2019 at 23h59. The Promotion Code is valid for customers using Luno’s Instant Buy and Sell product only and is not valid when placing a purchase order using Luno’s Exchange product.  The Promotion Code cannot be transferred, sold or ceded to someone else and it cannot be exchanged for cash or cryptocurrency other than in terms of these Rules. On successful redemption of the Promotion Code, the Reward will be paid into your Luno wallet.

  6. Agreement to these Rules: Without limiting the applicability of Luno’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you agree to be bound by these Rules in relation to the Event. You represent and warrant that you meet the qualifying criteria and you agree to accept any decision made by Luno in terms of these Rules as final and binding. 

Luno employees: Employees of Luno or any of its subsidiaries are not eligible to receive a LunoPass.