Before making a deposit so that you can buy cryptocurrency, we'll have to find out a little bit more about you (aka verifying your identity).

Once your identity has been verified, you can proceed to make a deposit to your Ugandan Shilling (UGX) wallet. It may take up to two business days for your money to reflect in your UGX wallet.

Here's how

  1. Open the Luno app and sign in 
  2. Select Wallets on the Menu
  3. Select your UGX wallet, and then DEPOSIT
  4. Enter the amount you'd like to deposit
  5. Follow the next steps from there

You can also buy a set amount of cryptocurrency - or specify your own amount - by tapping the desired amount on the Home screen. If you already have a balance in your UGX wallet, you will be able to instantly buy cryptocurrency. If not, you will be prompted to first make a deposit. 


Please read and follow the instructions carefully, remember to take note of your BX reference number, which will be used as the beneficiary reference when you make a deposit to your local UGX wallet.