“I met someone online and sent them money for a plane ticket”

“I am sending funds to a new friend I met on Facebook because they need money”

Dating, romance or other friendship scams are about building trust and enticing you to send money to someone.

Scammers play an elaborate emotional game based on our basic human need to form bonds with people. They create attractive (but fake) online profiles and connect with you by being extremely friendly and affectionate, often over long periods of time.

Once the scammer has gained your trust, they may ask you to:

  • Send money for things like plane tickets or medical emergencies.

  • Share your personal information so they can access your accounts.

  • Commit financial fraud on their behalf.

Stay safe

  • Be extra careful. Remember this is their day-time job. It is meant to feel real but it isn’t.

  • Scammers are very persuasive and take advantage of people who are still learning about cryptocurrencies. Don’t be afraid to terminate a conversation and walk away.

  • Set-up a video call in order to really see who is on the other side of the conversation.

  • Do not share your password, security codes or One-Time PIN with anyone.