You can now buy cryptocurrency directly for your Luno wallet, without having to first make a deposit! It’s a feature we’re really excited to bring to your region.


We’re first rolling this out to segments of our customers in the United Kingdom and a growing number of countries in the EU – if you don’t see the Instant Buy option when buying cryptocurrency on your Luno app or web, then we’re still working on bringing this feature to your region.

What is Instant Buy?

With Instant Buy, you can purchase a set amount of cryptocurrency, or specify your own amount – without having to add money to your local currency wallet first. Use your credit, debit card, or Google Pay to get cryptocurrency directly into your Luno wallet.

Here's how

  1. From the menu, select the wallet where you’d like to instantly buy cryptocurrency

  2. Then, select the Buy option

  3. On the next screen, select the Add a new card option

  4. On the Add new card screen, enter your debit or credit card details

  5. Once done, select Add Card

  6. You’ll be taken directly to the Enter Amount screen

  7. Enter the amount you’d like to buy, and select Next

  8. You’ll see a confirmation screen. If you’re happy, select Confirm

  9. If you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, you’ll be prompted to enter your 6-digit 2FA code

  10. Lastly, you’ll navigate to our payment provider, and if you’ve successfully followed the 3D-secure prompts, your payment will be processed

Mission success! You’ve just bought cryptocurrency.

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I see this feature when I deposit money?

We’ve released this feature to a segment of our UK customers and a growing number of countries in the EU, and will soon be rolling it out to even more of our customers. If you don’t see the option to add a credit card when depositing money, please bear with us while we work on adding this deposit method for you.

How many cards can I save?

You can save two cards to your account.

How safe is it to save my credit or debit card with Luno?

Your security is our biggest priority. We take every effort to keep our customers – and their funds – safe through first-class security and adherence to strict internal security and compliance standards. See our privacy policy for more information. Also, we always recommend you enable two-factor authentication on your account.

Is there a buy limit using my credit or debit card?

Yes, you can buy up to EUR 1,000 worth of cryptocurrency per transaction with a monthly card limit of up to EUR 5,000. This is separate from your current account level limits, which include the monthly and lifetime deposit limits that will be applied regardless of this card deposit limit.


To cover the high risk of fraud associated with credit card transactions, we may intermittently reduce these buy limits.

Can I buy more after reaching my monthly limit?

Yes. The monthly limit of up to EUR 5,000 is for buying using debit and credit card only. If you’re unable to use the instant buy feature, you can also continue to use our other available deposit methods, like bank transfers.