There are various ways to send Bitcoin with Luno, and some of these methods have fees associated with them. You can read more about these fee structures here.

Why do I pay transaction fees when sending and receiving Bitcoin?

As Bitcoin becomes more popular, the number of transactions have been increasing rapidly. While the resources needed to process transactions a couple of years ago was minimal, it is now a lot more significant. Often there are more transactions being created than the network is able to process.

As a result, the various people and businesses participating in Bitcoin’s blockchain (such as miners and node operators) have begun applying pressure to prioritise and reduce transaction load by means of transaction fees. Miners generally select transactions for the block they are mining based on the fee associated with each transaction, so a higher fee results in a better chance of the transaction being included in the next block.

How do I send Bitcoin without the fees?

Sending to a cryptocurrency address is costly due to the blockchain mining fee, and can take time if the network is congested. As such, we’ve devised a method that doesn’t use the Bitcoin blockchain network, allowing you to send Bitcoin for free to anyone, anywhere.

Sending by email or mobile number

  • If you send it to someone who is already a Luno customer they will get the Bitcoin instantly.

  • If you send to someone who is not a Luno customer they will receive notification of your Bitcoin send, as well as your personalised message, and a prompt to sign up. If they do not accept your invitation to receive Bitcoin within 14 days, the Bitcoin will appear back in your wallet. You can also cancel the transaction if the recipient has not redeemed it yet. This can only be done on the mobile app.

Here's how

  1. Open the Luno app and sign-in
  2. Tap Wallets, select your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet and then Send
  3. Enter the email or mobile number to which you will send (or choose from your contacts)
  4. Enter the amount you want to send (in BTC or local currency)
  5. Customise your reference message to the recipient, then review the transaction
  6. Enter your PIN or two-factor authentication code (if necessary, depending on your device and settings), then confirm