If you suspect that someone gained unauthorised access to your Luno account (that you’ve been hacked or fallen victim to fraud), you can temporarily suspend your account by locking it.

To lock your Luno account, use the link at the bottom of any notification email sent from us (double-check that it was sent from us and that it was not a phishing attempt). Select the Lock your account link to temporarily lock your account.


Your account will be locked for a period of 7 days. At the end of that period, full functionality will automatically be restored.

Locking your account will disable the following features (including for you) on the Luno website, the Luno mobile apps, and via the Luno API:

  • Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

  • Sending cryptocurrencies

  • Depositing and withdrawing local currency

  • Trading on the Luno Exchange

How to secure your account after you’ve locked it

If you have locked your account, you should immediately secure it. 

  1. Ensure that your email or social media accounts haven’t been compromised

  2. Reset your Luno password in the Security Centre and select a unique, strong password

  3. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) in the security centre here


You can read more about Luno account security here.

Unlocking your Luno account

For security reasons, your account will remain locked for a period of 7 days after you’ve locked it. During this time, we won’t be able to unlock it on your behalf. Please wait 7 days and full account functionality will automatically be restored for you.