How it works

Luno customers can now be rewarded with Bitcoin by referring their friends and family to Luno. 

  1. Each customer is given a unique invite code and invite link which can be found on the promotions screen

  2. Share your invite code or invite link on social media or directly with your friends

  3. Get your friends to sign up using your invite link or by entering your invite code (see below) before doing any transactions

  4. Your friend deposits the instructed minimum amount into their Luno wallet and then buys or sells the minimum amount of Bitcoin on Luno using the Instant Buy or Sell feature

  5. You and your friend each receive a small amount of Bitcoin as a reward from us

Find your unique invite code by going to MENU → PROMOTIONS → INVITE FRIENDS

Please note: The above is only an example as each invite code or invite link carries its own unique value.

Your friends can enter the code by going to MENU → PROMOTIONS → ENTER CODE

The Rules 

The following rules apply to your participation in Luno’s referral programme (the “Programme”). Without limiting the applicability of Luno’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you agree to be bound by these Rules when participating in the Programme.

  1. Eligibility: Participation in the Programme is limited to customers with Level 1 or higher accounts situated within our supported countries, or such other locations where Luno makes the Programme available, and who are compliant with Luno’s Terms of Use.

  2. Programme details: Luno customers who meet the eligibility criteria above are each given a unique invite code and link (“Invite Code”) which they can use to refer new customers to Luno. Successful redemption of the Invite Code shall entitle both the referring customer and the new customer to the amount of Bitcoin specified in the Programme (the “Reward”). Where the new customer signs up using a different currency, that currency will be used to determine the Reward amount which may result in the referring customer and the new customer receiving a different amount of Bitcoin to that specified in the Programme. Luno reserves the right to hold, void, cancel, suspend, adjust or amend the Programme at any time.

  3. Not transferable: Invite Codes are unique to each eligible Luno customer. An Invite Code cannot be transferred, sold or ceded to someone else and it cannot be exchanged for cash or Bitcoin other than in terms of these Rules.

  4. Redemption conditions: New customers may only redeem one Invite Code when making their first transaction after signing up with Luno. To be eligible for the Reward, the new customer must not have made any prior transactions using Luno, must deposit local currency and use Luno’s Instant Buy or Sell feature to perform the minimum transaction values specified in the Programme, and must otherwise meet any conditions specified in the Programme. 

  5. Payment of the Reward: On successful redemption of the Invite Code, the Reward specified in the Programme will be paid into the Luno wallets of the qualifying customers. 

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