Referral programme: Inviting your friends 

Luno customers can now be rewarded with Bitcoin by referring their friends and family to Luno

How it works

Luno customers can now be rewarded with Bitcoin by referring their friends and family to Luno. 

  1. Each customer is given a unique invite code and invite link which can be found on the promotions screen

  2. Share your invite code or invite link on social media or directly with your friends

  3. Get your friends to sign up using your invite link or by entering your invite code (see below) before doing any transactions

  4. Your friend deposits the instructed minimum amount into their Luno wallet and then buys or sells the minimum amount of Bitcoin on Luno using the Instant Buy or Sell feature

  5. You and your friend each receive a small amount of Bitcoin as a reward from us

Terms & conditions apply.

Find your unique invite code by going to MENU → PROMOTIONS → INVITE FRIENDS

Please note: The above is only an example as each invite code or invite link carries its own unique value.

Your friends can enter the code by going to MENU → PROMOTIONS → ENTER CODE

Other Promotions at Luno

If you’ve received a promotion code in connection with an event or campaign held by Luno, you can earn free Bitcoin. 

All you need to do is sign up to Luno, activate the code and make your first purchase. Here’s a step by step: 

How it works

1. If you have received a unique code while attending an event or partaking in a promotion, create a Luno account and verify your identity.

2. Once signed in, go to menu, tap PROMOTIONS, choose ENTER CODE and apply your unique code here:

3. Go to the home screen and choose DEPOSIT MONEY. 

4. After depositing, purchase the required minimum amount of Bitcoin. The minimum amount will be communicated to you with your promotion code. 

6. You will now receive a confirmation screen that the code has been applied to your account. Success! Enjoy your free Bitcoin.

4. Now go back to the Menu and tap Wallets. Select Deposit on your local currency wallet

5. Once you've made a deposit, buy the minimum amount of cryptocurrency as specified in the promotion

6. Success! Your promo code will be in effect once you buy cryptocurrency from your deposit

Terms and conditions apply.

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