With price alerts, you’re able to monitor the price of cryptocurrency easily, and it puts you firmly in control. With the feature enabled, we’ll send you a push notification on your mobile device (or an email if you’re not logged in to your Luno mobile app) whenever the crypto price reaches a price level of your choice.

You may want to set a price alert so that you get notified when the price reaches above a certain level for you to sell, or an alert to notify you of a drop in price to buy at a desired, lower price.

You can set the following type of alerts:

  • When the price is more than a certain level

  • When the price is less than a certain level

  • Once-off alerts

  • Every time alerts


You can set up price alerts for any of the cryptocurrencies that Luno supports - BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH and LTC.

How to set up price alerts

  1. Sign in to the Luno app
  2. On the Home screen, or if you’re on the Exchange, select  Price alerts top right
    Navigate to Profile, and select Price alerts
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to create an alert for
  4. On the web, select CREATE ALERT, or on mobile, select the + icon
  5. Choose your preferences to create the alert
  6. And lastly, select CREATE ALERT

If you create a once-off alert, it will deactivate once the alert has been sent to you.

Creating an every time alert will notify you each time the cryptocurrency price crosses the selected level.


There is a 5 minute cooldown period for “every time” alerts.

Manage your price alerts

Once you’ve set up price alerts, you have full control over managing them.
On the Price Alerts screen, you can:

  • Toggle any alert on and off

  • Or delete it (swipe right to left on iOS, or tap on the alert on Android)

How price alerts work

Let’s use an example: You add an alert to notify you, every time, the price of Bitcoin is more than ZAR 1000.

  • Price movement 1 will trigger your alert.

  • Price movement 2 will NOT trigger your alert. Add another alert to be notified when the price of one Bitcoin is less than 1000 to be notified in this case.

  • Price movement 3 will trigger your alert. Create a once-off alert if you only wish to be notified once.

  • Price movements 4 and 5 will NOT trigger your alert. The price must cross your alert level in the relevant direction to trigger alerts.