As with any service, there are a few basic requirements in linking your bank account to your Luno wallet:

  1. Deposits must be made using a bank account that belongs to the same person who owns the Luno wallet, i.e. the bank account must be in your name.

  2. Do not deposit money using a friend or family member’s bank account.

  3. If you wish to use a company bank account to make deposits from Luno, please apply for a company account at Luno.

  4. Enter the correct reference number in the payment reference field (if applicable).

  5. It can take up to two business days for your money to show in your Luno wallet under certain circumstances. Please be patient. If it has taken longer than that, please upload a proof of payment here.


Please note that international deposits aren't allowed. Deposits should come from a bank account registered in the same country that you're verified in. International deposits will be reversed back to the depositor, and those reversals may incur a reversal fee. Banks charge these fees due to the fact that they need to do a conversion between the two currencies, which means that it may impact the balance that is returned to the depositor.

Proof of Payment

Your proof of payment must show the following information:

  • Your full name

  • Amount of deposit

  • Date of deposit

  • Reference number used in the recipient’s reference field (if applicable)

The following will not be accepted as proof of payment:

  • SMS/Text messages

  • Bank statements

  • Proof of payment notifications


These are basic pointers and there's more information available on our Terms of Use.