It takes time for your money to arrive at Luno. We will allocate your deposit as soon as it arrives and we’ll send you an email notification (or push notification if you use our app). The information displayed below shows how long it takes to allocate deposits in your country. 

Bank deposits are not processed on weekends or public holidays.

If you deposit using your saved credit or debit card, the money you deposited should reflect instantly. Learn how to add your credit or debit card to make deposits faster and easier.

Kindly ensure that your unique reference number (or in some countries, your unique deposit amount) is 100% correct before you make a deposit. Include your BX reference number for bank transfers. 

Please note that we do not accept deposits from third-parties, payments must be made in your own name which has been verified with Luno. 


Deposit allocation time


Up to 24 hours


Up to 24 hours


Up to 24 hours


Up to 48 hours


Up to 48 hours


Up to 48 hours


After 3 confirmations

(learn more)

We’ll send you an email the moment your deposit arrives. 

When making a deposit

If you made a mistake during the deposit process, don’t panic. Our team is excellent at tracking money down and Luno has never lost customer funds. If, after two business days (not including weekends and public holidays), your deposit has not reflected in your Luno wallet, please contact our team using the link below. Take note that we do not accept bank statements, SMS or Luno deposit notifications as accepted forms of proof of payment.

Submit your detailed proof of payment here.

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