For your deposit to allocate correctly, please ensure that:

  • You’ve deposited from a local bank account in your own name

  • You’ve allowed time for interbank transfers, noting that most deposits take a minimum of 48 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays, to allocate

  • You’ve used the correct deposit reference, or amount, specific to your country requirements

  • You haven’t made two deposits, of the same amount, within 24 hours

Luno processes thousands of deposits a day and we use automated systems to check our bank statements for your deposit. If the deposit instructions are not followed precisely, you could end up waiting up to a month for the deposit to show in your Luno wallet.

These are the most common reasons why your deposit may not be reflecting in your local currency wallet. 

Incorrect deposit reference

Did you enter the correct deposit reference number 100% accurately? This is a unique nine-character code that starts with the letters BX, which is prompted on your screen when making a deposit. This will be your unique number to use as a beneficiary reference whenever you make a deposit with us. 


To make sure you get your BX reference number 100% correct, copy it from the Make a deposit screen (where it's displayed at the top), and once copied, you can easily paste it into the reference fields when making a bank transfer for your bank.

Some Luno customers insert their deposit reference number into their own reference field instead of the recipient or beneficiary reference field. This causes the BX reference number to appear on their bank statement and something different to appear on ours. If a deposit is made with an incorrect (or missing) deposit reference number there is no way for our team to know which of our customer’s accounts to allocate the funds to. 


For this reason, it's recommended that you use your BX number in both reference fields when adding Luno as a new beneficiary to your bank. 

  • For our customers in Malaysia: you'll need to add your unique reference number to the “other payment details” field as well as the “reference” field.

  • For our customers in Indonesia: the deposit reference number is optional. If you cannot enter your reference number, please ensure you do not make the mistake outlined below.

Using someone else’s bank account

Did you make your deposit from a bank account that does not belong to you? We do not accept deposits to your Luno wallet if it was made from a friend or family member’s bank account or a business account (even if you are the owner of the business). This can also cause the deposit to be delayed and in this case we will reverse the transaction, returning the money to the bank account from where it came. 

Duplicate deposit amount

As a safety precaution, our system stops deposits of the same amount made to the same customer’s Luno wallet within a 24 hour period. If you would like to make more than one deposit in a day, make sure they are all of different amounts.

International deposits

Please note that international deposits aren't allowed. Deposits should come from a bank account registered in the same country that you're verified in. International deposits will be reversed back to the depositor, and those reversals may incur a reversal fee. Banks charge these fees due to the fact that they need to do a conversion between the two currencies, which means that it may impact the balance that is returned to the depositor.

Non-bank financial service providers (customers in UK)

Transactions must be in your name

If you deposit local currency into your Luno wallet from a non-bank financial service provider, (such as Revolut or TransferWise), the name and account details that Luno receives may not be yours, but that of the non-bank service provider. As a result, we might be unable to immediately allocate the deposit correctly, causing a delay. 

In some cases, the service provider (such as Nationwide Builders Society) will not process any payments to digital currency exchanges.

Non-bank financial service provider limits

Also, these service providers detect if you are sending money to digital currency exchanges (like Luno) and may reduce your limits or even block the transaction. You would then have to contact the service provider to increase your limits or unblock (possibly reverse) the transaction. 

What we’re doing

We are actively communicating these issues to non-bank service providers in order to better understand the causes and also to identify ways of improving our own deposit methods. For now we advise customers to deposit from traditional banking services instead. 

Help us find your deposit

If your deposit is not reflecting in your Luno wallet after two business days (excluding weekends and public holidays), please send us your proof of payment. Our team can only assist you with proper proof of payment from your bank.

Your proof of payment must show the following information:

  • Your full name

  • Amount of deposit

  • Date of deposit

  • Reference number used in the recipient’s reference field (if applicable)

The following will not be accepted as proof of payment:

  • SMS/Text messages

  • Bank statements

  • Proof of payment notifications

Click here to submit your proof of payment.