If your mobile device is lost, stolen or the Authy/Google Authenticator app was deleted from your phone, you can regain access to your Luno account in one of the following two ways:

1. Restore two-factor authentication using your 2FA setup key

If you know your two-factor authentication (2FA) setup key, follow these steps to restore it to regain access to your account.

Google Authenticator

1. Download and open the Google Authenticator app

2. Tap "begin" and add an account using the "Enter a provided key" option

3. Enter an account name, type in your 2FA setup key in the "Your key" field, keep the time-based option selected and tap the "Add" button

4. You have successfully restored your 2FA. You can now sign-in to your Luno account


1. Download the Authy app
2. Enter your mobile number and verify it via phone call or SMS

3. Add an authenticator account using the "Enter key manually" option

4. Enter in your 2FA setup key, tap "OK" and you will be good to go

5. You have successfully recovered your 2FA. You can now sign in to your Luno account.

2. Disable two-factor authentication to regain access to your account

If you do not know your 2FA , you can disable 2FA by following the "I can't access my authentication app" link at the bottom of the screen where you're prompted to provide your two-factor authentication code when signing in. 

You will then receive an email with the next steps to disable two-factor authentication. You will need access to your primary email and mobile number and will be required to confirm details associated with your account.

Need more help?

If you do not know your two-factor authentication code and don't have access to your primary email address or mobile number, you can contact our team by submitting a ticket. When doing this, you will be required to provide a selfie photo for identification purposes. Here's how to do it:

We'll need a high resolution, clear colour self-portrait photo (selfie) of yourself, holding:

  • your identity document

  • a handwritten note reading “For Luno 2FA disable only”, as well as the *current date*

The selfie of you holding those two documents has to be in high resolution, so that your face is recognisable and all information can be read clearly. In addition to the photo, a security call may be required. A Luno employee may phone you on the mobile number verified to your account.

Once we can confirm your identity, we will proceed to disable the two-factor authentication on your account.

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