A recent proof of residential address document should clearly show the following:

  • Full name (matching your identity document), and

  • Residential address, and

  • The date of issue (not older than 3 months)

You should submit one of the following:




Utility bill

Municipality bill for utility services such as electricity, water, sewerage

Less than 3 months

Internet service provider account statement

Statement of account issued by an ISP

Less than 3 months

Bank statement

Bank-issued statement of account

Less than 3 months

Mortgage statement

Mortgage statement issued by the bank or other registered lending institutions

Less than 3 months

Municipal rates & taxes

Invoice statement from municipality showing rates & taxes relevant to the property

Less than 3 months

Telephone or mobile phone account

Account statements from network providers

Less than 3 months

Body Corporate statement

Correspondence from a Body Corporate or share-block association or retirement village

Less than 3 months

Insurance statement

Policy document for long-term, short-term, home or vehicle insurance

Less than 3 months


A letter from a traditional authority confirming that an individual (or business) is permitted to reside (or operate) on communal land, signed by the relevant traditional authority and stamped with a government-issued stamp.

Letter from a university or tertiary institution, stating that a student resides on campus.

Less than 3 months  

Statement of account issued by retail store

A retailer account (no once-off invoices like medical accounts, invoices from plumbers), i.e. any informal / non-bank credit arrangement from companies registered with the NCR or the FSB or a registered financial service provider: e.g. clothing accounts from Edgars, Woolworths, etc.

Less than 3 months

Lease or rental agreement

Current rental or lease agreement signed by both parties

Less than 12 months

Investment account

Investment statement from an Investment Provider, e.g. share, portfolio or unit trust statements.

Less than 3 months


If you share an address with another person, like your parents or a housemate, you can ask them to sign an affidavit and submit it along with the following:

  1. Valid proof of address document, matching the address in the Affidavit and meeting the acceptable standards as set out and described in the table above and

  2. A valid proof of identity document

(link to affidavit)

Less than 3 months


We don't accept temporary proof of residential address documents for Europe or any of our supported African countries.