In this article you’ll learn how to receive cryptocurrency to your Luno wallet from another wallet. You can receive cryptocurrency by providing the sender with one of the following:

  • Your wallet receive address

  • Your QR code

It’s important to note that, if you’re receiving cryptocurrency from another Luno wallet, the sender can send it to your email address or phone number. This will make the transaction instant and free.

Finding your receiving address or QR code

  1. Open the Luno app and sign in
  2. Select Wallets from the menu
  3. Select your cryptocurrency wallet and then Receive (on some wallets you'll find Receive by selecting MORE from the menu at the top)

Here you’ll see your existing wallet address or the option to add a receive address. If you’re new to Luno, you’ll need to add a receive address first. Share your receive address or QR code with the person who is sending cryptocurrency to you.

Warning: send the right currency to the right receive address

You can only receive Ethereum (ETH) in your Ethereum wallet and you can only receive Bitcoin (BTC) in your Bitcoin wallet. Note that different cryptocurrencies are incompatible with other receive addresses. If you, for instance, send Ethereum Classic (ETC) to your Ethereum (ETH) receive address, the funds will be lost. Funds will also be lost if you send Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to a Bitcoin (BTC) receive address.

How long does it take to receive cryptocurrency?

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What are the fees for receiving cryptocurrency?

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