Before making a deposit so that you can buy cryptocurrency, you’ll have to set up your profile by telling us a bit about yourself. Once done, you can go ahead and make a deposit into your local currency wallet.

Important things to remember

Banks take at least 2 business days to process deposits (longer over weekends, public holidays and when you make a deposit after hours), so that’s how long it’ll take for your money to show up in your local currency wallet.

Once we receive your deposit, we’ll automatically add it to your wallet, and notify you via email. We don’t accept cash deposits, and the deposit needs to come from a bank account in your own personal name.


Please only reach out to us if you haven’t used your unique reference number (starting with BX), or if it’s been longer than 2 business days and your deposit isn’t reflecting yet.

Here's how

  1. Open the Luno app and sign in

  2. Select Wallets from the menu

  3. Choose your local currency wallet

  4. Select Deposit

  5. Choose the method with which you’d like to top-up your wallet

  6. And follow the on-screen prompts from there

You can also buy a preset amount of cryptocurrency - or specify your own - by selecting the desired amount on the Home screen. If you already have a balance in your local currency wallet, you’ll be able to buy cryptocurrency instantly. If not, you’ll be prompted to make a deposit first.

Different payment methods are available in each country. Be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully. Remember to take note of your unique reference code (starting with BX) which will be used as the beneficiary reference when you make a deposit into your local currency wallet.

In some countries, we may ask you to use a unique reference to help us track your deposit. Enter this reference with your bank when making the deposit to ensure it reflects on our bank statement.

Depending on your country, we may also ask you to send a unique deposit amount to help us identify your deposit. This amount will be slightly more than the deposit amount you entered.

For our South African customers

Log in to your online banking (no cash deposits), create a beneficiary, and then make a deposit using Luno’s bank details. To make it a little easier for you, if you bank with ABSA, Standard Bank, Capitec, or Nedbank, you can just search for “Luno” under “Public Beneficiaries”, instead of manually entering our bank details. More about that here.