If you suspect that somebody else has accessed your Luno account, you can follow these steps to secure it.

Step 1 Lock your account immediately. Here’s how to do it

Step 2 Change your password in the Security Centre

Step 3 Deactivate any unknown active devices in the Security Centre

Step 4 Deactivate any unknown API keys in the Security Centre

Step 5 Change your email password (if you’re using Gmail, you can follow this guide)

Step 6 Report any suspicious transactions via the link in one of the payments emails you received from us (ensure that the email is from us and not a phishing attempt). You can review all of your transactions here

If you have completed the steps above above, here are a few more recommended steps to further secure your account.

Step 1 Enable two-factor authentication (Highly recommended). Here’s how to do it

Step 2 Disable the ability to send cryptocurrency from your Luno wallet

Step 3 Read these tips on keeping your Luno account secure

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