If you are a resident in our supported countries with a bank account in that country, it is simple to upgrade your Luno wallet and buy cryptocurrency. See: How do I verify my identity?

If you are a foreign resident in of one of our supported countries, you can still upgrade your Luno wallet.

To verify your identity, submit the documents applicable to the country in which you currently live. You can upgrade securely using the Android or iOS Luno wallet, or by visiting and submitting your documents via the Settings page on web.

Proof of Identity

We require two documents to verify your identity

  • A colour photo of your valid passport

  • A self-portrait photo (a clear, colour selfie)

Proof of residency

Valid government-issued residence permit/visa, which should be one of the following types

  • Business

  • Permanent

  • Refugee

  • Spousal

  • Study

  • Work

Proof of bank account and proof of residential address*

  • Bank letter

  • Bank statement

*This should be a recent bank statement or a stamped letter from your local bank (not older than three months), that clearly indicates your full name, account number and residential address. If your bank statement does not show your residential address, you also need to submit a separate proof of residential address document.

We can only verify information when the name and passport number that you submitted to us are the same as the name and passport number used to open your local bank account. If you opened your bank account with a different identity document from the one you submitted as proof of identity, please also submit the identity document you used to open the bank account.

Uploading your selfie

To ensure the safety of your Luno account, we may require additional proof of identity in the form of a self-portrait photo.

Take an in-app selfie using the Luno Android or iOS applications or upload an existing photo on the Luno website.

Ensure that the image is in colour and that your face is clearly visible in the photo. See our guidelines below.


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